McCottry Foundation LOI

Welcome to McCottry Foundation's online LOI Application

Please make sure ALL fields are filled in. Once your application has been submitted, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, then please contact us.

If your LOI is accepted and we would like you to fill out a completed Grant application, you will be contacted in a separate email.



Q: What is an LOI?
A: A standard Letter of Intent introduces the nonprofit organization to the grant maker. It provides a brief summary of the activity a potential grant could fund.

Q: What does McCottry Foundation look for in deciding what nonprofits they will support?
A: McCottry Foundation looks for programs whose success can be effectively measured. We also look for programs that can be easily replicated nationwide.

Q: What size grant does McCottry Foundation give?
A: It varies from $500 on up.

Q: What WON’T McCottry Foundation support?
A: McCottry Foundation will NOT support any of the following and LOI's will automatically be rejected:
-- General & Administrative (G&A) items
-- Staff and/or Salary support (salaries)
-- Overhead and/or Operating Costs
-- General Expenses

Q: What type of information should be included in the LOI?
A: McCottry Foundation created a form format to facilitate the submission process. Upon acceptance, this form becomes your proposal. Because of this, it’s crucial all blanks are filled in properly and completely. Aside from filling in blanks with fixed answers, you are also asked to compose answers to three (3) fields:

a. A description of your organization’s history and recent accomplishments.
b. The purpose of your funding request.
c. The roles and partners on the project you are asking to be funded.

When writing your responses, it’s important that you be clear, concrete and you directly address risks and challenges as, again, this LOI becomes your proposal.